Retail Media Intelligence

Powering ads that work for customers, retailers and brands

Create incremental value

For your suppliers, and accelerate new revenue streams.

Deliver a solution that you and your suppliers can use to gain insights, launch campaigns, and increase their ROAS while accelerating new monetization opportunities for your business.

Meet your customers

Where they are, with the right content.

By providing the right content to the right audience you deliver value to your customers, which actually impacts basket size and diversity, and creates better engagements.

Your Data. Your Revenue.

We Are a SaaS Company

We deliver a Retail Media Intelligence solution that you and your brands can leverage to gain insights, work smarter together and empower your marketing and media teams. Use our solution to learn more about your customers’ behaviours and preferences across all channels.


Understand The Impact of Your Efforts

Measure the uplift of offers & ad campaigns across physical and digital channels.

Find The Perfect Audience Match

In-app dedicated audience and segmentation application to find the perfect targets in a couple of clicks, and export them to owned and external media.

Know What Your Customers Want

Discover granular customer preferences & behaviors by leveraging NIQ Activate's customer DNA and proactively identify risks and opportunities for brands and retailers

Integrated In The Retail Media Eco-system

Interfaces with ad servers to score ad alternatives in real time according to each customer’s profile, and easy export of audiences to the Ad activation unit

How does retail media intelligence work?

The Most Relevant Content in Real Time

Leveraging customer retail DNA, NIQ Activate enables marketing and brand users to create audiences that can be exported seamlessly to owned and external media. In turn each content is associated with a specific audience and scored in real-time for ad servers to present the most relevant content for each customer and each brand.

Combining Depth and Granularity

NIQ Activate’s audiences are built leveraging our retail DNA platform that scans thousands of attributes for each customer and each product, enabling users to understand lifestyle preferences and avoid constraints such as competing offers or sensitive topics.

Aligned Objectives Ensure Strong ROAS
By empowering your brand partners to rationalize their media spend and measure the impact of their content across all channels, you create a more optimized cycle of supplier funded promotions: one where you as a retailer derive more value, and where your brand partners can measure how the activities they fund on your platforms can create better engagements with customers.

Sephora teams are very excited to build a better experience for our customers, as our main company priority is delighting customers. The NIQ Activate platform helps collect anonymized insights, offers key analysis in record time, and the ability to share insights with our Beauty and Fragrance brand partners

Anne-Veronique Baylac | CDO Sephora Europe & Middle East



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