Omnichannel Analytics & Personalization

Your business operates in an omnichannel world, and you need tools that are designed to keep up. ciValue’s systems and technology were designed for omnichannel from day one, so both our Retail Intelligence and Personalization products have full omnichannel capabilities built in
Omnichannel shopping

Channel Analytics

Our Retail Intelligence product is built to help you understand your customers and your business. So naturally understanding your customers’ behaviour across channels is a big part of this. All our reports give you the ability to filter by channel so you can compare online to offline. Our Segmentation Studio gives you access to every customers digital share of spend at every level of the product catalog. And the data in our reports can be refreshed in near real time, giving you up to the minute performance data when you need it.

Digital ID Report

The Digital ID report lets you dive deeper into your customers’ online behaviour, combining purchase data with clickstream to give you a full picture of how customers are interacting with your ecommerce site. In addition to sales volume information you get page conversion rates, source of traffic, and device type. All this data can be shared with suppliers to give them a comprehensive view of how to maximize sales of their brands on your site.

Digital Experience

Our Digital Experience enables you to deliver a highly personalized online experience that makes shopping easier and drives incremental purchases. From personalized offers and product recommendations to smart shopping list and personalized circular, we leverage deep analytics to deliver the experience that is just right for every individual shopper.