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ciValue helps FMCG retailers like Sephora, COOP, Groupe Casino and Super-Pharm execute personalized marketing at scale, uncover opportunities within their customer data, and foster supplier collaboration to monetize their media.

ciValue offers 4 key advantages:

  • Value within weeks
  • Automate customer science
  • Supplier media sharing platform
  • Self-service in-depth analytics​

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Case Studies - civalue
Case Studies - civalue

ciValue Products

ciValue offers 3 essential products that help automate the process of identifying individual level revenue opportunities, personalizing the experience for millions of customers, and building stronger marketing collaboration with suppliers. 

Customer Intelligence

Get powerful insights—Fast. Slice through mountains of data to extract your customers’ Retail DNA and understand churn propensity, discount sensitivity and brand loyalty.

Segmentation Studio: Analyze thousands of behavioral attributes and habits of various customers across departments , categories and brands to create key segments for targeting. ciValue’s Segmentation Studio helps you develop a better understanding of customers and build highlysegmented campaigns.

Interactive Reports: Get fast and powerful visualization that drives real business value. Get actionable insights to develop more effective offers and assortments, without resorting to tedious SQL queries and complex statistical modeling.

Precision Marketing

Grow revenue by delivering the best offer for every customer. ciValue’s Precision Marketing helps retailers lower churn, reward loyalty and increase basket size with powerful personalized campaigns.

Relationship Marketing - civalue
Relationship Marketing - civalue

Personalization: Select the optimal offer for each customer. Powerful machine-learning Personalization Bots analyze every one of your customers and then select the offer that is most likely to resonate with the customer andreach your marketing objective. ciValue integrates with  with your existing marketing platforms across email, SMS, POS, social media and online advertising.

Add On: Digital Experience: Break the silos between brick-and-mortar and online retail. ciValue’s digital experience helps you personalize your shopping experience by providing customers smart predictive shopping lists and providing recommendations for items that they are likely to enjoy. It integrates with major platforms for e-commerce, m-commerce and web.​

Add On: Personalized circular: Personalize and digitize your mass promotions! ciValue’s Personalized Circular helps you optimize the offers customers see on your app, email or landing pages. The result is more relevant offers and higher redemption.

Supplier Collaboration

With ciValue’s Supplier Collaboration, everybody wins—suppliers get access to data that helps them create better offers and can create precisely targeted high ROI offers ; retailers can monetize their data and media assets; and customers get better offers and promotions.

CPG Collaboration & Monetization

With Supplier Collaboration, you can:

Share Insights: Give suppliers the ability to securely access insights and interactive reports to learn about trends in loyalty, analyze categories and understand consumer decisions and share of wallet to design better promotions. While ciValue provides access to insights, the data remains completely secure and anonymous.

Share Media: ciValue facilitates the creation of supplier offers and communicate them through the retailer’s media channels. Retailers can monetize their media channels, while suppliers can get additional exposure and valuable insights on redemptions.