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Supplier Funded Personalization

Read all about how a major European grocery retailer choose ciValue to deliver personalized content to their shoppers and to monetize their Loyalty program. 

Case Studies - civalue

Sephora is a leading global beauty retailer, with stores in 23 countries.

Sephora is using ciValue’s solution to bridge the gap between their hundreds of brands and customers by sharing anonymized insights into customers’ evolving purchasing patterns. This timely understanding of customers enables Sephora and its brand partners to create optimal assortments, offers and pricing, in tune with customers’ needs and preferences. 

Case Studies - civalue

The international drugstore chain Super-Pharm is a leading pharmacy chain in Israel, Poland, and China.

Super-Pharm replaced its black-box personalization solution with ciValue, delivering 40M highly personalized offers every month over e-mail, Mobile App, SMS and C@T.

Case Studies - civalue

Groupe Casino, is a global hypermarket, grocery, and convenience chain based in France.

Casino uses ciValue to provide hyper-personalized offers to customers, letting suppliers nominate their own highly-targeted offers. Customers get the best matching offers for them through ciValue’s deep personalization algorithms –  A win for Casino, for suppliers, and for customers. 

COOP, the #1 grocery chain in Italy, is a union of eight grocery cooperatives. 

COOP uses ciValue to empower its cooperatives with customer-centric merchandising, creating more compelling assortments and promotions to serve its loyal customer base. 

REMA 1000 is one of Scandinavia’s leading grocery chains, operating across Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. 

REMA’s is using ciValue to support its 850+ franchised stores by providing them deep customer intelligence and personalization at scale. 

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