The 220-store drugstore chain expands personalized offers to more channels and leverages deep analytics to design innovative campaigns.
“ciValue makes it easy to understand our customers’ needs and swiftly access segmentation data. We can quickly define a personalization campaign, determine who we think should receive selected coupons, and then tune the campaign using ciValue to expand the audience to other relevant customers, all on the fly,” said Hilla Milo, Director of Personal Marketing, Super-Pharm.
Super-Pharm is an award-winning drugstore chain with 280 outlets in Israel and Poland, as well as activity in china. For the past few decades, the company has been running a successful loyalty club. Now they wanted to take personalized offers to the next level and launch more agile and innovative campaigns. Tapping into insights and analytics about their customers was the way to do it.

The ciValue platform was the solution. Super-Pharm connected their POS and other data feeds to ciValue, resulting in personalized campaigns that were up and running in a few weeks. Allocating personalized offers to customers, ciValue automatically matched offers to customers for the Super-Pharm team. Offers were based on each customer’s unique “Retail DNA,” the singular makeup of purchase behavior, purchases and needs. 
4X increase in redemptions
Offer redemption increased 4X in a mere 90 days. Super-Pharm increased revenue and customer visits using personalized coupons. The personalized campaigns also promoted churn reduction by half for those customers that redeemed offers.
“We know that personalization works. With ciValue, we now have the tools to take our personalization to the next level,” Milo said. “When we brought our personalization in-house, we thought we would need data analysts to succeed, but ciValue’s software is our responsive, powerful data analyst.”


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