Retail Media

How Dis-Chem leverages personalization and retail media intelligence

Dis-Chem, South Africa’s first choice in pharmacies, has selected ciValue and its market-leading personalization & brand collaboration platform to develop its customer-focused personalization program. Dis-Chem …

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Getting Started on Your Retail Media Strategy and Accelerating Your Monetization Programs

Whether it is in your board room or in your (virtual) coffee room, everyone is talking about retail media ! Why? Well clearly because it …

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Retail media intelligence 101

Retail media is one of the most discussed topics in the industry today, with a new retail media network being launched every 1-2 months. Indeed, …

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The real stories of retail media

Funny enough, the marketing community is a quiet one. It’s almost as though, after spending days trying to make noise for the solutions, products, and …

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What’s the missing piece of your retail media strategy?

Retail media is about creating incremental value for brands in a short timeframe. How can data and analytics help you cut through the noise and …

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Developing a Winning Strategy for Digital Advertising in Retail

2020 marks an important milestone in the advertising world. It is the year that digital ad spending surpassed traditional ad spending worldwide. The trend is …

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