Brand Collaboration

How FreshDirect Is Democratizing Data With Suppliers to Grow Together

FreshDirect, the Northeast’s leading pure-play online fresh food grocer and e-commerce brand, has selected ciValue and its market-leading brand collaboration platform to develop its insight-sharing …

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How Super-Pharm Increased Supplier Collaboration through Insights Sharing

Knowledge is power, and data is a precious commodity, but that doesn’t mean it should be kept secret. On the contrary, when the right data …

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Competing Priorities: How Aligning Around the Customer Changes the Dynamic Between Retailers and Suppliers

A lot of our work with retailers is focused on helping them improve their collaboration with suppliers. The explosion of big data in recent years …

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What Are You Selling? Shifting from monetizing your data to monetizing your audience

This year marks a major turning point in the world of advertising. In 2019, for the first time, spending on digital advertising will surpass spending on …

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Can Retailers Become “Facebook-like” Marketing Platforms?

The world’s biggest purveyors of digital content, Facebook and Google, now capture over 50% of the global digital advertising spending. It is no wonder that …

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Going Digital with the Store Circular How to Avoid the Pitfalls of the Digital Newspaper

This massive barrage of undifferentiated discounts served its purpose with the pre-internet generation, but today a good and growing share of digital-age shoppers don’t read …

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FMCG Retailer & Supplier Collaboration: The Road to Personalization Success

In order for retail personalization to succeed long term, retailers must work closely with brands to develop compelling promotions. Retailers and suppliers acknowledge that each has …

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