FreshDirect, the Northeast’s leading pure-play online fresh food grocer and e-commerce brand, has selected ciValue and its market-leading brand collaboration platform to develop its insight-sharing program.

FreshDirect joins leading retailers and brands who enjoy the unique solution that enables brand partners to gain insights at their fingertips into their customers’ preferences to identify risks and opportunities and make better assortment and development decisions.

Brand collaboration can change the conversation

Using ciValue’s unique brand collaboration solution, the pioneering, digitally-native grocer is further sharpening its innovative edge and ability to better serve its evolving customer needs through customer-centric merchandising and marketing. Relying on the hard data delivered through NIQ Activate’s self-serve portal, FreshDirect will be able to deliver more value for their customers. 

“One of FreshDirect’s foundational tenets as a leading and trusted New York-based online food E-commerce business is the unique and unrivaled connection we have to our suppliers, especially the smaller local players. This collaboration with ciValue will enable us to democratize the data and provide our partners, large and small, access to the latest and most comprehensive insights to help them deliver on their customer-focused business goals,” said Charlotte Myer, Vice President, Merchandising, FreshDirect.

Rethinking the way retail data can and should be used

ciValue serves dozens of leading retailers across the world to support their brand collaboration strategy. In a world that is governed by high data velocity, brand insights can be the perfect way to create new revenue streams for retailers and foster better relationships with their brand partners, essentially creating a win-win-win world where retailers and brands can focus on what their customers really want.

Stepping into the win-win-win retail world

Would you like to learn how to get started with brand collaboration? Download our case study detailing how super-pharm increased its supplier funding using our supplier collaboration solution.